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Vaucraft Braford Stud
The Vaucraft Braford Stud is operated on coastal country in the Mackay district. Emphasis has always been on breeding Higher Content, Heavy Bone, Good Temperament, Beefy Tropical Brafords.

Trials have shown that Good Quality cattle bred in this environment perform no matter where they are moved to. This is a great plus for producers of the beef industry. For over 40 years we have won most of the awards available to the breed and also won many interbreed trophies for stud breeders. Our whole herd is recorded on BREEDPLAN and EBV's are available.

Because our cattle are bred in the tropics where they have to cope with deficiencies, heavy rainfall, dry summers, ticks, flies, internal parasites, temperature to 35 degrees Celsius, constant humidity to 100% and poisonous plant life, we are now producing a tropical product, both Bull and Female, that can go anywhere and we know they will survive and produce on.

We are always upgrading our genetics, so that others can benefit is ongoing by either purchase of top quality bulls when available, or using AI programs from proven sires.

We are confident to be able to stand behind our claim that at Vaucraft..... We produce the Go Anywhere Cattle - Tropical Brafords.

Vaucraft Bulls

Stud and herd bulls available for sale from the paddock anytime.

At Vaucraft Braford Stud our bulls are:
- All calf registered.
- Classified into two groups.
- Registered bulls.
- Herd bulls.
- All are sold "Grass to Grass" - straight to work.
- Sold direct from property.
- Fully vaccinated.
- All semen tested.
- Delivery to most areas can be arranged.
- Also available are stocks of domestic and international semen.

Latest News!!

Vaucraft Tartan currently in collection at Beef Breeding Services

Shipment supervised by:
Beef Breeding Services Pty Ltd.
Etna Creek, Rockhampton
by contacting us first.

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Vaucraft Braford Stud females are chosen from our 40+ year breeding program, having high fertility rates, proven mothering ability, bone, scale, and temperament with the ability to produce top calves in minimum breeding time under tropical conditions. Vaucraft females have also proved themselves in many show rings over the years, winning Championships in Beef Expo, feature shows, major shows and many interbreed events.

All females are recorded on Breed Plan.

Surplus heifers are sold each year from paddock and classified:
- Registered Females.
- Commercial Females.
Vaucraft have collected, through Beef Breeding Services, A grade embryos, approved for export or local use from top females, so that others can also share in these top Genetics.



Local or Export

Semen from a number of our top bulls over the years have received international approval to many countries and has been extensively used overseas and within Australia for many years. We hold stocks of Approved Semen and Embryos at Beef Breeding Services, Rockhamption, so that orders can be dispatched with the minimum of delay.

Bulls bred from our exported semen now stand in many AI centres around the world.

Semex Argentina Zenith by Vaucraft Seth Heffas

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"The Go Anywhere Cattle - Tropical Brafords" Est. 1975
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Queensland, Australia 4740.
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International Tel: + 61 7 4942 4859
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